A different kind of doctor’s office

Rocky Mountain Dermatology’s goal is to help our patients improve their skin’s health and appearance by providing innovative, complete medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatological services.

Whether you are interested in an annual skin examination, acne care or a laser treatment to help reverse the signs of aging, we have the expertise to treat your skin care concerns in our state of the art facilities, safely and effectively.

From the moment you step through the doors at Rocky Mountain Dermatology, we think you will agree that we are a different kind of doctors’ office.

What sets us apart?

At Rocky Mountain Dermatology we value our patient relationships.  Dr. Scatena is among the most highly trained dermatologists in the Rocky Mountain region and is respected throughout the greater medical community.  She is a longtime Colorado resident and, as such, is familiar with unique skin care challenges of our sunny, arid, high altitude environment.  Dr. Scatena takes pride in staying abreast of the newest medical, surgical and aesthetic dermatological developments to ensure that patients receive the highest quality care with the best possible outcomes.


About Rocky Mountain Dermatology

Our office specializes in…

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